In memoriam: Human is series of international online workshops and trainings dedicated for young artists from 4 countries: Slovakia, Jordan, France and Palestine. It is initiated and coordinated by Poton Theatre and it will happen in 4 weekend days in September and October 2020. Projects brings together 30 young amateur and professional artists aged 18 to 30 years.

Project consists of 4 workshops and 1 training. Each workshop lasts 2 days and is dedicated to development of new skills of different artistic areas. Workshops also work with current pressing social topics. Apart from workshops, we offer 2-hours long online training, which will be focused on development of vocal skills. Lecturers of workshops and training are professional artists from Slovakia, Romania, Jordan and Argentine.

Those who are interested to participate in online workshops, please fill the online application here:

Please send the application as soon as possible, because the number of participants is limited. The deadline for applying is 18th September 2020.

For more info about the project, please contact its coordinator Monika Škojcová at skojcova(at)


The project is supported by Slovak Arts Council


Description of workshops and training

  • “Animation in Theatre, Theatre in Animation” / WORKSHOP/ 26th and 27th September 2020

The workshop is focused on creative ways to use animation when video making. Participants are introduced to the basics of Adobe After Effects and its creative practice in videos which can be used as projections for a theatre show. With the new skills, participants will create their own creative perception of the given topic: humanism.

Lecturer Veronika Kocourková is a film director, designer, illustrator, producer and co-owner of an independent production company Super Film. After graduating The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Veronika began to work as a freelance animator on various projects. She later founded the independent production company, Super Film, which focuses on animated and educational film projects for children and young audiences. She later became a co-author, director and designer of the TV series Ka-Boom. Veronika enjoys exploring different art formats; for example, music videos, video mapping, animated film, and also comics and illustration. More info:


  • “Transmission: Body for the words. Words for the ideas.” / WORKSHOP / 10th and 11th October 2020

Two-day radio production workshop involves participants in all stages of creating a whole radio show. The workshop offers theoretical background and also many practical know-how on radio production. Participants are allowed to define their roles and broadcast their ideas on the air of an established online radio. Participants reflect on the proposed theme: “Humanity“ and seek different approaches and discuss them together. At the end of the experience, they have experienced the necessary tools to create audios, edit them, broadcast live and generate an online content.

Lecturer Cristian Estrella is a creative designer at, musician in It Rises All Nectar, Mira Tus Manos, Maithuna Collective and Ivana Mer group. Director of He was born in Buenos Aires and currently resides in Europe. He is involved in many disciplines interconnecting Communication, Music, Audio and Video editing, Graphic Design and Nature. More info:


  • “Puppet and Object Theatre Workshop” / WORKSHOP / 17th and 18th October 2020


Workshop works with the concept of socially engaged theatre, it especially focuses on creative process using documentary methods and on finding intimacy and sharing memories through exploring and working with materials, objects and body. Participants explore themes that concern them and reflect on them together using the new techniques and approaches. Workshop works with the topic of humanity.

Lecturers of the workshops are Husam Abed and Réka Deák. Husam Abed is a Jordanian theatre director, puppeteer & musician – with Palestinian roots – living between Prague and Amman with a Master of Directing for Alternative and Puppet Theatre. For the last 13 years he has performed in many countries and created theatre workshops to reach, empower and impact children and adults. He also directed performances in Czech Republic, Jordan, Austria and Hong Kong. His commitment to inspire communities, highlight urging social issues and connect across cultural differences through puppet theatre led him to co-found Hazaart, Flying Freedom Festival, LIV’in Festival in Czech Republic and Ya Khayyal Youth Theatre Lab in Jordan.

Réka Deák is a Hungarian puppeteer born in Romania. She holds a Master of Directing in Contemporary Theatre from the University of Art – Targu Mures – Romania. She studied stage design at Academy of Performing Arts in Czech Republic. She is a founder and president of Babu Cultural Association in Romania, co-founder of Dafa Puppet Theatre and Flying Freedom Festival in Czech Republic. She has rich experience in working with children and adults as drama pedagogue. She has performed in many festivals worldwide and led workshops in Europe, Arab countries and Asia. She worked as puppeteer, stage and puppet designer in Europe and Arab countries.  In her work, she investigates intimacy and miniatures in theatre.


  • “Dance & Movement Workshop” / WORKSHOP / 24th and 25th October 2020


Workshop explores intersection of performing and visual arts, improvisation and composition. Participants will move, draw, improvise, discuss and watch each other’s work. Prior experience is not necessary. The aim is to rediscover the bodies, listen and respond freely to its impulses while practicing critical thinking in a special kind of ensemble. Workshop helps the participants to strengthen their own individuality, aesthetics and rhythm while discovering a pleasure and generosity of performance in this new abnormal.

Lecturer Denisa Musilová is a graduate of the Art History and Museum Professions. She works as a choreographer and a performer in Czech Republic. Besides dancing, she has extensively studied Butoh and Noguchi gymnastics, as well as Lecoq and clown techniques. As a performer, Denisa collaborated with artists from Israel, USA, Japan and Europe. She staged multiple operas and theatre plays and her own choreographies were presented in theatres in the NYC and the Czech Republic.


  • Voice Expressions / TRAINING / 25th September 2020 – afternoon

This vocal training is focused on the ability of listening to your own voice and developing free vocal expression through gentle methods connecting with your inner self. Using various breathing and vocal exercises participants head into uncharted areas of their vocal register, which is automatically working with developing self-confidence. Gradually during workshop participants learn how to use the breath properly, body position which enables liberation of voice and as well getting to know the physiological aspect of voice. The work is focused on how to properly distribute tone, connect the voice with body and mind. Voice training has immediate benefits not only on the singing vice, but as well on the communication (both with ourselves and others).

Lecturer Ivana Mer is Slovak singer, songwriter, musician and Voice teacher. She has numerous professional experiences from giving Voice workshops in cultural, artistic and therapeu­tic centres and gives individual Voice lessons to wide age range of men and women, in several countries like Czech Republic, France, Germany and Spain. Her work is combining two alternative methods (Werbeck method and Roy Hart method) of discovering and liberating the Voice, which leads to her own teaching approach. The work includes breathing, relaxation, liberation, body movement, concentration, listening.

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