We are looking for participants for a new theatre media project. In this short workshop we will make short video sequences on the topic described below. An ideal participant/actor/actress/performer for this project is an open-minded artist, who is capable of co-working with new people, happy to improvise and enjoy a full day’s work.

Place: Bátovce

Date: 25-26. 04, 2019

The accommodation and travel expenses are covered by the project, and a moderate artist fee is included.

The aim of this project is to reflect on the current situation with multidisciplinary arts, to develop a personal point of view by being thought-provoking, as well as to raise questions about inner and outer boundaries. In Europe in the 2010s, one of the most significant phenomena is the migration crisis. This problem touches East-Central Europe and the V4 countries closely. But do the political changes caused by migration turn European or V4 countries against one another, or do they synchronize them? The question of boundaries between V4 countries looks back on a long and complicated past. How does our connection to it change when sensing threat in our surroundings? How do people experience this historical context? Is it possible that people might get lost, blend into the crowd and become alienated? Where are the boundaries amongst people? These events – being significant not only for Europe but also for the world – can be barely, or at least difficultly interpreted and captured on a general level. Therefore, in our project, we focus on the lives of certain people and small communities. Only after having recognized one’s personal and inner boundaries, can s/he reflect his/her personal experience on the surrounding world. In today’s societies, where the communication of such issues is so complicated, we aim to move the discourse of boundaries to a new platform by using the possibilities and instruments of art. 

The project is founded by the V4. 

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